Can Diet Improve Pain?


Nutritional Pain Management
Supporting Treatment for Headaches
and Neuropathy

Evidence shows that consuming a typical American diet

“resulted in altered acute nociceptive sensitivity, systemic inflammation, and persistent pain…”

At the 2018 Kaua’i Pain Conference, Dr. Robert Bonakdar will teach:

  • The interrelationships between cellular and molecular mechanisms of pain
  • How C-reactive protein and obesity relate to the prevalence of developing chronic low back pain
  • The relation of vitimin deficiencies, cardiometabolic mediators, obesity and and inflammatory mediators



  1. How diet can address pain
  2. Review research (basic, observational and clinical) behind nutritional approaches to pain and inflammation
  3. How to implement nutritional strategies for pain patients


Additional Resources

  • Totsch SK, Waite ME, Tomkovich A, Quinn TL, Gower BA, Sorge RE. Total Western Diet Alters Mechanical and Thermal Sensitivity and Prolongs Hypersensitivity Following Complete Freund’s Adjuvant in Mice. J Pain. 2016