10th Kaua’i Pain Conference March 2025

Hawai’i’s Premier
CME Pain Meeting

For many years, the Kaua’i Pain Conference has provided an outstanding platform for pain management education.

I want to share that we have decided to take a one-year hiatus to plan the evolution of the 2025 Kauai Pain Conference. 

I began this meeting alongside the opening of our clinic, the Spine and Pain Center of Kaua’i. The clinic and the conference shared a vital mission – to bring services and education for chronic pain. 

Year after year, attendees and faculty have returned as part of the KPC ‘Ohana.  We have had the incredible opportunity to feature giants in the fields of pain, science, and government. I hope we have played an integral part in providing hope to those with chronic pain

While I am excited about the opportunity for reflection and strategic planning during this hiatus, I also recognize the value our annual conference holds for our ‘Ohana. We will be reaching out throughout the year for input. Your opinion and input are vital. 

Thank you for being a part of the Kaua’i Pain Conference. I hope you can join us in 2025!

Eric Grigsby MD, MBA

CEO & Founder, Neurovations

Biopsychosocial Advances

The comorbidity, co-prescribing, and co-occurrence of disability among persons with chronic pain create greater challenges in managing each condition and reducing impact. Pain cannot be managed in isolation. (Wallace, 2004)

The Kaua’i Pain Conference curriculum addresses biopsychosocial dimensions of pain:

  • bio – with advances in the basic neuroscience processes of pain
  • psychological – how the constellation of cognitive processes interacts with neurological signals to influence health and wellness
  • social – how societal factors influence patient well-being and clinical practice

Designed for
All Providers

The Kaua’i Pain Conference is where health care providers, policy makers, administrators and insurers develop interprofessional solutions to the complex challenges of pain management.

Designed for providers of all specialties to improve their understanding of the etiology, assessment, and treatment of pain.

By The

Pain in America

50 Million adults in the US have chronic daily pain
19.6 Million adults experience high-impact chronic pain

Primary Care Providers
and Pain

Persons with chronic pain treated by Primary Care

PCPs self-identify as “insufficiently trained’ in prescribing opioids

Kauaʻi Pain Conference ʻOhana

Welcome to the Kaua'i Pain Conference!

Eric J. Grigsby, MD, MBA
CEO and Founder, Kaua’i Pain Conference

Welcome to the Kaua’i Pain Conference, ʻohana. ʻOhana means “family” in the Hawaiian islands.

Many attendees at KPC return year after year to learn and share best practices in pain management. Each year, Neurovations Education works hard to find the best and brightest minds in the fields of pain management, neuroscience, and public health policy.

For those of you who are joining KPC for the first time, welcome to a community with a shared mission – to bring hope to those with chronic pain.

In 2020, KPC was broadcast online, with over 1,000 attendees from all over the world tuned-in. In 2023, KPC will have in-person and online options, making this event available to many.

Now more than ever it is important that we, as clinicians, are equipped with the most up-to-date information to provide innovative, effective, compassionate treatment options for our patients.

Conferences like this are a great way to meet safely in person and online.


Eric J. Grigsby, MD , MBA
CEO and Founder,
Neurovations: a Patient Care an Innovation Company

Produced by Neurovations Education

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