Doctor of Nursing Practice


Dr. Gail McGlothlen has specialized in cancer and chronic pain management for over twenty years, managed patients with TDD for fourteen years, and continues to be Board Certified in Pain Management by the American Nurses Credentialing Center since 2006. After she received a Masters Degree in Advanced Nursing Practice-Oncology from the University of California, San Francisco in 2001 Gail joined Dr. Grigsby at Napa Pain Institute where, in addition to managing patients with IDDSs, she conducted clinical research, provided clinical practice education nationally, and co-authored several published case reports.

In 2016, Gail graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and is Adjunct Faculty at Texas Christian University, Harris College of Nursing in Fort Worth, Texas.  In December of 2016 the manuscript of the results of her doctoral research on the training of the health care professional for the intraspinal drug delivery system’s reservoir refill procedure was accepted for publication in Neuromodulation. 




Recent Sessions at Neurovations Events

2019 Kaua’i Pain Conference

2018 Napa Pain Conference

  • Hands-on: Ultrasound-guided Intrathecal Pump Refills
  • Risk Assessment & Urine Drug Testing

2017 Napa Pain Conference

2014 Targeted Drug Delivery for Pain and Neurologic Disease

  • Best Practice for Long Term Management of Patients with Intrathecal Infusion Devices: Including the Role of the Ultrasound for Refilling

2013 Napa Pain Conference

  • Urine Drug Screening: Practical Considerations

2012 Napa Pain Conference

  • Urine Drug Screening: Practical Interpretations


Select Publications

  • Prager, J., Deer, T., Levy, R., Bruel, B., Buchser, E., Caraway, D., … & Staats, P. (2014). Best practices for intrathecal drug delivery for painNeuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface17(4), 354-372.
  • McGlothlen, G. L., & Rodriguez, L. (2017). Training for the Intraspinal Drug Delivery System Reservoir Refill Procedure Highly Variable: A Nationwide Survey of Health Care Professionals. Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface20(7), 727-732.
  • Fisher, R., Hassenbusch, S., Krames, E., Leong, M., Minehart, M., Prager, J., … & Willis, K. D. (2005). A consensus statement regarding the present suggested titration for Prialt (ziconotide). Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface8(3), 153-154.
  • Hoelzer, B. C., Knievel, S. L., Michiels, W. B., McGlothlen, G. L., & Grigsby, E. J. (2011). Meningismus associated with malpositioned intraspinal catheter for drug delivery. Pain Practice11(1), 103-106.
  • Giberson, C. E., Barbosa, J., Brooks, E. S., McGlothlen, G. L., Grigsby, E. J., Kohut, J. J., … & Poree, L. R. (2014). Epidural hematomas after removal of percutaneous spinal cord stimulator trial leads: two case reports. Regional anesthesia and pain medicine39(1), 73-77