Erich O. Richter, M.D. is the Associate Director of the Epilepsy Center of Excellence (COE), and Director of Surgical Epilepsy. His undergraduate work was performed at the University of Florida in Electrical Engineering. He then pursued his medical school training at the Ohio State University, and returned to the University of Florida for his residency, where he received mentorship in the surgical treatment of Epilepsy under Stephen Roper, M.D. His fellowship training was at the University of Toronto under Andres Lozano, M.D., Ph.D. He held appointments at the University of Florida and Mercer Medical School before coming to LSU in January of 2008.

Dr. Richter’s current areas of research in epilepsy include improved methods of clinical data collection and possible use of internet-based protocols to improve access to care in remote areas, and a collaborative project with Dr. Alberto Musto of the LSU Neuroscience COE examining inflammatory lipid mediators of epileptogenesis in a rat kindling model as well as the application of this model to the human patient.