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Kerrey L B Taylor, DO, MBA

President, Hawaii Society of Pain Physicians; Founder, Aloha Pain Sports & Spine Medicine, LLC

Kerrey Barton Taylor, DO, MBA is a founding board member, and currently serving as President of Hawaii Society of Pain Physicians. She is a practicing physician specializing in Physical medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. She has a private medical practice, Aloha Pain Sports & Spine Medicine, LLC and Ocean Health Hawaii, LLC.

Dr. Taylor earned two BS degrees at Northern Arizona University in Psychology and Microbiology. She received her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed a Fellowship in Pain Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Taylor holds a MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration. She is trained in the specialty of Pain Medicine, including interventional pain procedures. She has a strong background in musculoskeletal medicine and the diagnosis and treatment of somatic dysfunction.

Dr. Taylor is a member of the Hawaii Opioids & Overdose Leadership Action Working Group.