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Providing Whole-Patient Care: How to empower persons with chronic pain to help themselves


The goals of this session are to:

  • improve the availability of support, education and training in understanding people living with chronic pain
  • teach how to better engage these patients in their treatment plan.

It is important for those who treat a person with pain to have the means to guide patient through the components of self-management training techniques that enable individuals to improved quality of life, increase their ability to function and a reduced sense of suffering.

It is critical that persons with pain become part of the treatment team as active participants, not a passive patient.

We aim to empower providers with tools that allow them to develop or improve an open relationship with patients. Patients benefit most from communication on a level that ensures both a level of understanding and willingness to work as a team. This approach empowers the person with pain to take an active role in his or her treatment.

We will explore a variety of graphical tools, many interactive, to track behaviors and symptoms over a long period of time, providing information that will afford a snapshot of how the person with pain has been doing since their last visit.   The presentation will explore how to use the communication tools to ensure a team approach to pain care with the patient at the center.


Learning Objectives 

As a result of participation in this course, learners will be able/better able to:

  • Understand the impact that pain has on the person with pain, their family, health care professionals and the public
  • How to use graphical communication tools to help bridge the gap between the person with pain and the health care provider so that they can communicate in a way that will provide useful information in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Help patients to understand available self-management tools and how a person with pain can apply them to his or her daily life to live a full, richer life despite pain

March 1 @ 10:15

10:15 am

– 11:00 am



Penney Cowan